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About me

Natalia Keil

About me

Hi, so nice to meet you today!)

My name is Natalia Keil and Im happy to share with you a few words about myself and what I do. My love to art started early and developed through years by designing cloths, accessorise and painting.

At the time I found myself in jewelry making(smithing), I discovered my true passion. My master degree in “State and municipal management” and working experience in Business development and Marketing were always walking hand by hand with my love to art and design. This great working experience and Univercity knowledge were helping me a lot on the way on building my own jewelry brand…

Each unique item is designed and handmade with love in my own studio in Germany (Munich) from the highest-quality materials. Some of them are complemented with gemstones, selected personally by me for each project from all over the world from highly reputable suppliers. Every piece is hand fabricated and hand made by using traditional and modern metalsmith techniques, that I was learning from famous jewelers and studying in school or developing myself. Every day I discover something interesting, giving me the inspiration for the next projects. strong frase with.) 

You are mostly welcome to go through my page and ask me any questions or share your experience. Lets keep in touch and have a nice day!

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Sand casting
One of the traditional techniques. For hundreds of years it has been the most popular of all casting methods.
Chasing and Repoussé
Forming metall in 3d shapes with counturing and relief.
Stone setting
The art of of including gemstones in a jewelry object.
Method of cold connections. There are many types of rivet and for each type there is a special tool.
Chain Maille
Creating jewellery patterns by using metal rings in different shapes and sizes.
Hammer design
Hammers can be used in many accasions in jewelry making including shaping and texturing metal.
Wax carving
Carving wax models by using special tools to create interesting and unusual shapes and details.
Water casting
Using water to create one of a kind, natural shapes in metal.
Decorating surface with hand stemping in different styles.
Free forming
With a good heat control letting the metal flow in unique free form shapes.

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Handmade juwellery art.

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